Membership Options

Ordinary membership

Full playing rights. 

Trial membership

This membership option is aimed at golfing beginners who would first of all like to find out whether golf is something for them and a sport which suits their circumstances. It provides golfers with the opportunity to get to know the club and the people and to see whether they like the club.
An application for the six-month trial membership can only be made once. 

Temporary membership

This membership option is aimed at golfers who are interested in membership of our club in the long term but who initially wish to spend a limited period of time (up to three years) getting to know the club.

Temporary membership may also be the ideal solution for those who, for occupational reasons, are only living in Mönchengladbach temporarily. A temporary membership can be converted into an ordinary membership at any time. 

Second membership

Second membership is aimed at golfers who already hold an ordinary membership of golf club which is affiliated to the German Golf Association (DGV) and who wish to make Myllendonk their second golfing home. 

Children and Youths

Since we at Myllendonk Castle Golf Club do a lot to promote junior golf, we offer particularly favourable joining fees and membership contributions for children and youths.

Please feel free to approach us! We will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information on the terms and conditions of the different membership options. 

Data protection

The handling, collection and processing of personal date at Myllendonk Castle Golf Club e.V. (registered association) is conducted in accordance with the legal provisions. Further information on this can be found in the  guidelines on data protection. .

PDF der DGV-Broschüre für Einsteiger